About PoSH

AAYAAM, in its continual endeavor to create progressive and socially relevant initiatives, has an important announcement to make – ‘Launch of Prevention of Sexual Harassment (PoSH) consulting practice’.
This comprehensive consulting offering has been devised in a modular way, so that our clients can pick and choose the services, based on their unique requirements.

1) PoSH Advisory services
2) PoSH Training services

PoSH Advisory services:

A holistic audit of processes and practices related to prevention of sexual harassment, followed by specific recommendations on employer actions-built around statutory obligations and best practices benchmarks.

Providing legal advice, where it is specifically sought for by the clients.

Providing qualified professionals from legal, NGO spheres to work on Internal Complaints Committees (ICC).

ICC is now mandated by the law.

PoSH Training services:

Orientation programmes for the ICC.

Face to face class-room training for the business leaders. As employer’s representatives it is their responsibility to create and maintain harassment-free workplaces .

Computer-based training (CBT) for all employees. Employees undergoing this training, will automatically get a certificate, provided, they pass the test at the end of the tutorials. It is envisaged that once all the current employees successfully complete this training, the same will form an integral part of the new employee induction process for all future employees-thereby ensuring continuous compliance.

Under the law, employers are responsible for organizing orientation and awareness programs at regular intervals for sensitizing employees on the issues and implications of workplace sexual harassment and organizing training for members of the Internal Complaints Committee.