Executive Mentoring

  • In today’s dynamic business environment, we often find senior leaders running from managing one crisis to the other – leaving very little time for them to recuperate or even enjoy some moments of well deserved ‘stress – free’ time. And to top it up, all such leadership roles come with a high degree of loneliness for the incumbents!
  • AAYAAM offers Mentoring services that provide these leaders Sounding Boards, Guides, Business Mentors – and most importantly, Friends. They need someone who is competent, has seen it all and knows what the Executive pressures and issues are.
  • Equally, the middle-level high potential managers need mentoring help in their leadership journey. An emotionally supportive mentoring intervention goes a long way for their development.
  • AAYAAM has its proprietary methodology that provides a holistic framework for the mentoring engagement. It is called ‘AAYAAM Mentoring Model’.
  • In addition to carrying out mentoring responsibility ourselves, we also train key leaders in our mentoring methodology so that the initiative becomes scalable within the organisation.