"I have known Abhay as a talent management veteran for a long time and once had the opportunity to be with him in a panel discussion. When my organization wanted an expert advice on our talent management processes and practices, we obviously turned to him. Both me and my team enjoyed interacting with him. His insights and recommendations helped us fine tune our roadmap. With vast experience across geographies, cultures and industries, he has developed an uncanny ability to quickly identify the fundamental issues. A truly multidisciplinary individual, his solutions tend to be evolutionary rather than disruptive."
Abhay Patil Senior Vice President, Talent and Operations, Harbinger Group
"I have personally experienced the strategic work conducted by AAYAAM. Their methodology and the spread of offerings make them a unique consulting firm. The aspect that strikes me the most is their capability and drive to implement transformational initiatives they recommend. I would also like to mention the ease of working with Abhay, quick acceptance of my team due to your friendly approach and understanding of the subject at hand helps put the management at ease in dealing with AAYAAM."
Sanjay Mathur, Area Director Foundry India & ASEAN, Foseco
"My association with AAYAAM has been both rewarding and knowledge providing!! The group possesses galaxy of Professionals & Consultants who can address the entire spectrum of Human Capital Management spanning from Production economy’s IR challenges to Knowledge driven Services economy. AAYAAM to me is knowledge partner, trusted friend and valuable mentor to take any organization building and development intervention"
Dr. Sunil Rai, Director, Goa Institute of Management
"The work that AAYAAM did for us was highly appreciated by my leadership team. We got some significant insights in areas such as collaboration, change management and power of constructive confrontations. AAYAAM’s unique methodology of steering OD interventions combined with Abhay’s enthralling and spirited facilitation makes them a consulting organization with a difference."
Dinesh Deo, Managing Director, Bank of New York Mellon-India
"AAYAAM has been a trusted HR partner for us for a long time. Their wide – ranging Consulting and Talent Acquisition offerings have immensely helped us in our quest for taking Legrand-India  to newer heights business excellence and growth. We have commissioned their services to take our people agenda forward with great vigor and passion."
Deepak Pande, VP – HR, Legrand India
"We have been associated with AAYAAM for last 6 months to groom our employees in client interactions. In this period, we are seeing improvement in our team’s written and verbal communication ability in all client interactions. Abhay has been working on group as well as individual improvement objectives and the results are encouraging. Overall the team bonding has also increased. Apart from the HR related areas, we are able to get lot of inputs from Abhay’s vast experience, in our general management areas, which is a big plus."
Bhaskar Walimbe, Managing Partner, Pragmasys Consulting
"AAYAAM has been our HR partner for some time now. If I were to pick one thing that they do with a ‘difference’, then it has to be a unique blend of ‘strategy and execution’ they bring to the table. Their ability to form quick relationships, drive the change agenda, initiate contemporary people practices, helps them stand apart from the rest."
Aditi Dixit, CEO & Managing Director, Siddhatech Software Services
"AAYAAM has helped us run some key initiatives — mainly in Talent Development and Talent Management areas. I have personally experienced and benefited from their Leadership Development program, when they were invited to run it for some of our functional leads. They also did some other value addition in the area of grooming of young professionals specifically on communication and business orientation.  I particularly like their professional approach and the strategic thinking that goes behind creating customized and client centric offerings in Talent Management."
Dr. Naveen Gautam, Managing Director, Hella India Automotive Pvt. Ltd.
"AAYAAM, ably led by Abhay, bring to the fore an entire gamut of cutting-edge people and organizational initiatives. I have personally witnessed AAYAAM’s zest for sharing and spreading knowledge through many professional and educational forums. That, to my mind makes them a unique consulting organization. Every interaction one has with them, results in enhanced insights around the complex business and people issues that surround today’s  corporate environment."
Roopali Sundar, Head – HR, Avaya-India
"AAYAAM has been an integral part of Suvidha’s people program. Their continued and consistent engagement with us over years has enabled us to make major inroads in our efforts to Top-grade our talent. The composite package of strategy and execution that AAYAAM offers, we have integrated the same in our mainstream business processes—making it a formidable combination for any of our competitors to emulate!"
Uday Sukthankar, VP, Suvidha Engineers
"AAYAAM, with Abhay in the lead brings a blend of experience & expertise honed over three decades in several great companies - most of them Fortune 200,  in Indian as well as international context. With exceptional conceptual clarity, width & depth of domain knowledge, not just exposure but contribution to creation of best in class systems & processes and most importantly a natural empathy which enables him to get into a quick emotional connect with whosoever he associates with, it is a delight to work with Abhay / AAYAAM. Our team members who have interacted and experienced Abhay as a trainer, resource and coach have been hugely enriched by the experience."
Shrikrishna Bhave, Director-HR, Abbott Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.